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This website was created by Aaldrik Mulder, known by many as Ali. Unfortunately he is not with us anymore, but his community projects - this website and the Bedouin Bus service - is kept alive by family and friends. Below is a message from Ali, about his projects.

"Hi, I'm Aaldrik Mulder from St. Catherine; but my friends call me Ali...

Since a few years I run a small web design company called sonali - justifiable web design. First from the comfort of my home in the Netherlands; later from the seat of a round-the-world bicycle; now from the high mountains of South Sinai. Over the last years I've built more than seventy websites worldwide. I build and maintain sites, host and sell domain names and do web site optimisation for customers in, among others, the Netherlands, Australia, Turkey, India and Egypt. As you can see I'm a truly worldwide web designer.

Ever since I came to the Sinai, I felt there was a lot of work to do in promoting small businesses to fulfill the potential this region has to offer. So I set up Bedouin Bus in October 2011 to provide necessary transport to and from St. Catherine (to Nuweiba and Dahab).

But I didn't think this was enough... I also wanted to explore the region around Nuweiba. And since I spend a lot of time in front of my computer, I decided to find out what was on offer... And then I discovered that it was very difficult to find decent information about the Nuweiba region in one particular spot on the net. So with my knowledge of web design, I did something about that and nuweibabeach.com is the result of months of hard work, gritty research and sheer determination. I hope you appreciate it. Let's hit the beach !

Aaldrik 'Ali' Mulder"

Bedouin Bus - connecting Sinai

Let the camp owners know where you found their property! Was it on NuweibaBeach.com that you learned about a certain camp, hotel or other accommodation? Let them know you found it here! And if you liked the place, why not let others know as well by writing a short review on this site. Thanks.

Our rating system explained... Our star rating is based on the facilities on offer in the camps and hotels, not on the quality of those facilities. So a hotel with wifi, 24 hour electricity and restaurant will get a higher rating than a camp with cleaner bathrooms and a nicer view, but no internet or dive centre. Most of the time the rating will also depict the price range; where 1 stars will be very basic and very cheap and 5 stars will be expensive, but luxurious... Approximate price range: all based on double room in high season :

starsless than 50LE
starsbetween 50 and 100LE
starsbetween 100 and 250LE
starsbetween 250 and 500LE
starshigher than 500LE

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