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You can list your property in our directory with photos for free! Provide us with all the details and some photos to make your page look even better and attract more visitors. And please send us your price list, your menu or your drinks card; we'll publish those as well. No strings attached!
We would appreciate it, if you could put a link to nuweibabeach.com on your website.

Listing your property visitors looking for the ultimate relaxing holiday will find you!

Enhance your property listing
Send us your photos, rates and booking info. The following information can be admitted (for free) to your nuweibabeach.com page.

  • 1 photo / banner for the top of your listing; size 595 x 220 pixels
  • 6 photos for the editorial section; size 595 x 395 pixels
  • Text discribing your property and contact details
  • Price lists
  • Menus

Do you want to advertise on one of the general pages? Put up your banner on one of the beach pages to get more exposure for your property? Or want a prime spot at nuweibabeach.com's homepage? Plus, you can have up to 5 active link to your website and social media pages - not only will visitors find your sites, but it will improve the rating too!

We can offer the following advertising space:

Half banner: 595x60 at the bottom of this column
Double half banner: 595x120 at the bottom of this column
Skyscraper banner 160x600 - at left of the page
Text links ads at left of the page, below Skyscraper banner

Prices per ad per 6 months for advertising:

Index or home page of nuweibabeach.com:
Half banner 595x60 - LE 400
Full banner 595x120 - LE 500
Skyscraper banner 160x600 - LE 600
Half Skyscraper banner 160x300 - LE 400
Text links ads - LE 250

Any of the 'beach' pages (Tarabin, Ras Shaitan etc.) of nuweibabeach.com:
Half banner 595x60 - LE 200
Full banner 595x120 - LE 250
Skyscraper banner 160x600 - LE 300
Half Skyscraper banner 160x300 - LE 200
Text links ads - LE 125

Terms and conditions:

Duration of ads placement
All advertisement start with a minimum contract period of six (6) months.
Advertisers looking for a contract for one year will receive 10% discount;
those willing to advertise for two years or more will get 20% discount.
If you don't have a banner to publish your products, or it doesn't fit our size requirements, we should work together to build a new one! Ask us.
What ads are acceptable?
We will only market products or services that fit our target audience.
How do I pay?
Payment is in advance after your advertisement has been approved. Your advertisement will be placed on our site as soon as full payment is received. You will be notified of further details after we approved you ads.
If you like some more information please contact us.

Let the camp owners know where you found their property! Was it on NuweibaBeach.com that you learned about a certain camp, hotel or other accommodation? Let them know you found it here! And if you liked the place, why not let others know as well by writing a short review on this site. Thanks.

Our rating system explained... Our star rating is based on the facilities on offer in the camps and hotels, not on the quality of those facilities. So a hotel with wifi, 24 hour electricity and restaurant will get a higher rating than a camp with cleaner bathrooms and a nicer view, but no internet or dive centre. Most of the time the rating will also depict the price range; where 1 stars will be very basic and very cheap and 5 stars will be expensive, but luxurious... Approximate price range: all based on double room in high season :

starsless than 50LE
starsbetween 50 and 100LE
starsbetween 100 and 250LE
starsbetween 250 and 500LE
starshigher than 500LE

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