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Rock Sea Resort (Lami Beach)

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Manager: Ricarda
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Imagine one of the most magnificent desert landscapes Mother earth can offer, where sandy coloured mountains tumble directly into the deep blue Red Sea, where the warm winds caress soul and skin, where every evening the setting sun inflames a spectacular for the senses; this is the place where we can offer you and ourselves the biggest luxury one has to give: silence, simplicity and a life-time in front of the shimmering scenery of the elements. Here, luxury has a different meaning. The accommodation (a total of 21 rooms) is equipped with everything essential for living. Not more. Comfortable beds, furniture made from palm branches, electricity for light. Nothing disturbes the perception of the essential: Starry sky, desert wind and the crashing of the sea.

When - if necessary at all - using the faux-pas word "active holidays", here it gets a different meaning: may it be simply relaxing in unspoiled nature, walking or jeep safaris, snorkelling, reef-diving, belly dancing or camel riding - the owners help their guests to obtain the well-being you have been dreaming of... The healthy superb cooking of Mrs. Ricarda and her staff surely contributes to this.

You will find 22 robust bungalows with reed roofing, clean sanitary equipment and a characteristic wild private coral beach which nestles in the natural rock surroundings made only by the hands of God. This resort - owned and operated by a German family - appeals to all travellers who simply want to fully enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Sinai.

There is something that can easily be left behind: the word "stress". Arabian calmness, politeness and hospitality reign in the resort. Only one thing cannot be missed: A laid-back, relaxed chat with Bedouins passing by, accompanied by a sweetened tea on a soft cushion in a tent. The best period for visiting the RockSea Resort runs from late summer to late middle european spring.

Workshops and experiences in the dome. A big tent in form of a dome offers rest and space for teams and groups who want to freshen up their stay through seminars or other common experiences at the foot of the Sinai. Whether it be dance, yoga, lectures, meditation or role-playing - it is you who decides. Simply speak to the management of the resort in time to make sure that equipment and media meet your expectations.

The RockSea Resort at the foot of the Sinai - far away from the busy Egyptian spa’s - represents on oasis for travellers who want to relax all their senses - away from the hustle of crowded pools and organized programmes. Here, close to Nuweiba, Ricarda, Roxy and Michael are living their dream and want to share it with their guests. You can obtain information concerning formalities, arrival and prices directly from the management at the resort.


Bamboo huts
1 person: 13/15 euro
2 people: 20 euro

Starside bungalows & special huts
1 person: 19 euro
2 people: 26 euro
3 people: 33 euro

Moonside bungalows & special huts
1 person: 24 euro
2 people: 32 euro
3 people: 39 euro

All prices include breakfast.
Sleeping on the beach (exeptional case only): 60LE incl. breakfast
Breakfast until 12 pm; lunch and dinner in the restaurant until 9:30 pm
All huts and bungalows have sea view and are equiped with mosquito nets and electricity.
Bedlinnen is provided by the camp.
Snorkelling equipment and kayak available for rent.
WiFi available

Good to know:
Additional 20% for stay of only one day / night (10% for only two days / nights)
Please bring your own towels.

Rock Sea also offers a great taxi service along the Taba-Nuweiba coast. Check the pdf for more details.


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