Choosing the Perfect Place to Stay

When booking your trip to the Nuweiba region, it is important that you carefully consider where it is that you want to stay. Finding the perfect accommodation might take a little research, but that's where we come in. We list a range of accommodation option all on one site - here are just a few of the things which you may want to consider when making your decision.

Firstly, you will want to think about what is essential to you in terms of accommodation. Are you just looking for a comfortable place to sleep, as you plan to spend most of your days at the beach? Or are you looking for a hotel which offers everything from a restaurant with delicious tradition meals and WiFi internet so you can play online games of Party Poker? Be honest about your needs and what you would like, then look at what is best suited to your accommodation budget.

The amount which you spend on your accommodation should, of course, be another of your top considerations. After all, you're unlikely to want to splash out on an expensive hotel if it means that you'll be without any spending money for the rest of your stay. On the other hand, there's little point in booking the lowest cost accommodation that you can find if it is unable to cater to your needs, as this may also spoil your stay.

Think about what facilities you may need within the accommodation itself. For example, if you're visiting with a family then you may also want to choose accommodation which best caters for young children. All these points can be key in ensuring that you have an enjoyable stay in Nuweiba, and a trip that you will always want to remember.

Let the camp owners know where you found their property! Was it on NuweibaBeach.com that you learned about a certain camp, hotel or other accommodation? Let them know you found it here! And if you liked the place, why not let others know as well by writing a short review on this site. Thanks.

Our rating system explained... Our star rating is based on the facilities on offer in the camps and hotels, not on the quality of those facilities. So a hotel with wifi, 24 hour electricity and restaurant will get a higher rating than a camp with cleaner bathrooms and a nicer view, but no internet or dive centre. Most of the time the rating will also depict the price range; where 1 stars will be very basic and very cheap and 5 stars will be expensive, but luxurious... Approximate price range: all based on double room in high season :

starsless than 50LE
starsbetween 50 and 100LE
starsbetween 100 and 250LE
starsbetween 250 and 500LE
starshigher than 500LE

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