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Sinai Trekking and Safari Guide

A great resource for those who want more than lazing on the beach. The "Sinai Trekking and Safari" guide covers all the main routes in the interior of the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt: the best trekking and walking routes, camels safaris and off-road 4x4 safaris, plus heaps of other information on practicalitites, nature, culture. Furthermore, the routes can be viewd in Google Earth and Google Maps with a photo of all the main attractions - you can start your virtual trek in the Sinai right now!

Sinai trekking and safari routes in Google Earth and Google Maps
GPS waypoints Sinai trekking guide trekking guide to Sinai with GPS coordinates

You can see 26 trekking and safari routes in Google Maps, embeded in the pages of the www.sinaimaps.com website, or download the kml file to see the routes in Google Maps. In both cases, you can click on more than 300 waypoints to see a corresponding photo made of, at or near that point. You can also download the GPS waypoints from the website. Even if you don't plan to do all these extensive routes, we recommend the Sinai trekking guide so you can see the vast range of possibilities.

Sinai Trekking And Safari: the complete route guide with GPS waypoints

This is the ONLY resource to the Sinai covering ALL the main trekking and safari routes, from coast to coast and to the southernmost tip. Whether planning a tour on foot, camel back or by 4x4, you have all the essential information with over 100 maps, PLUS you can download the GPS waypoints or view the routes - with photos - in Google Earth and Google Maps. The guide also contains other vital information; notes on culture, history and nature; illustrations; a catalogue of places with descriptions, photos and maps; and a part with a comprehensive list of useful Arabic words and expressions for trekkers.

More info: www.sinaimaps.com

The Sinai trekking guide is available in print on:
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Sinai - trekking guide

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